Saul offers to have Krazy-8 give up the information in exchange for all charges being dropped once the DEA confirms it. He's listening to Walt tell the story of how he and Skyler met until she breaks out in tears. Annoyed and tipsy, Walt dismisses the notes as likely being copies of someone else's work, telling Hank that the true mastermind might still be at large. I don't think Hank is racist, Hank always tries to be the funny guy, but he has a bit of an aggresive sense of humor. Loving Both The Mandalorian And The Last Jedi Isn’t Impossible, Breaking Bad: When Every Family Member Found Out The Truth About Walt, Breaking Bad: The Only Characters Walter White Kills Directly, Breaking Bad: What Happened To Ted Beneke. Here's when each member of Walter White's family found out they were in the presence of meth royalty in Breaking Bad. Hank continues to follow Jesse until he arrives at a junkyard where Walt and Jesse takes the RV. After Hank escapes, Marco frees Leonel, who tells him to finish off Hank. He states that Gale was truly a master at his craft and a genius who could've been something great had he put his talents to good use. Later that night, Hank is unable to sleep. In the first episode of Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Later, Marie gets a call (set up by Walt) stating that Hank's life is in danger by the cartel and, in a panic, informs Skyler of the attack ("Crawl Space"). When Walt returns home one night, Hank is found sitting with the rest of the family, waiting to give Walt an intervention on the future of his condition. Walt Jr. has no idea that his father has been effectively replaced by Heisenberg, but his constant love and innocence serves to twist the knife of guilt into Walt at every turn. Steve Gomez visits Hank in the hospital and shows him a map detailing the blue meth's reappearance. Hank indicates that the operation must have been making hundreds of pounds of meth weekly, if not more. As the net of the law closed in around Walt, Marie insisted that Skyler be honest with her son, and the youngster lashed out, at first refusing to believe the accusations, and then blaming his mother for being involved. "You wanna burn him down?" Walt asks Hank if he could go inside to see the setup. Agent Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada) was … Marco Salamanca appears from the side and begins firing at Hank, who grabs the gun Leonel dropped in the back seat and dives out of the car. Hank responds with saying that many guys in jail have the mentality that a lot of illegal things shouldn't be, including meth ("A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal"). Hank and Walt are then shown in his bedroom, discussing the files. Some time later, ASAC Merkert introduces Hank to three local businessmen donating funds to the department. Hank is unperturbed. "The Guy For This" Later, a more cognitive Hank is having the nerves in his legs tested, noting that feeling seems to be slowly returning. In the course of his work, Hank is promoted to the prestigious yet more dangerous base in El Paso, Texas from Albuquerque for a short time, but experiences a traumatic event courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels and moves back to Albuquerque. 0 0. Hank finds out that Walt and Skyler paid for his medical bills when he was shot by The Cousins as Marie did not know it was drug money when she accepted it from Skyler. Hank and Walt eventually find themselves watching Gus's factory farm in hopes of getting a lead. Hank tells his boss, ASAC George Merkert, that nobody has yet to replace the meth-supply void created by Tuco's death, though the name "Heisenberg" is being tossed around. He is later mourned by his sister-in-law, nephew and widow (and, presumably, all his fellow DEA agents) after Walt takes credit for the deed in order to help clear Skyler from his criminal activities. He makes himself and other people laugh by putting other people down. As Walt returns, he goes back to actually plant the bug, much to Hank's dismay over Walt's clumsiness. Even though the audience don't see the moment Marie finds out, it can be inferred that Hank tells her during the season 5 episode "Buried.". Hank does nothing but grumble. Hank Schrader is Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law. Hank clearly believes Jesse is just as guilty as Walt is for the crimes they have committed (most notably the Gale murder, and the manufacturing of crystal meth under Walt's drug empire). Hank, now bedridden at home, is seen bidding on a magnesite crystal online when Marie begins to praise his progress in physical therapy. The two walk to Walt's car and open the trunk, where Mike's body is being kept. After Gus leaves, Hank's colleagues seem convinced. Hank before shooting Marco Salamanca in the head. Knowing Walt is setting a trap, Hank deletes the call and does not inform Jesse of the danger. Because she finds out on a phone call, and I said, ‘I need my side of that.’ And Vince [Gilligan] was like, ‘Well, we were gonna shoot it like this. When it is Hank's turn to speak, he explains through a baseball metaphor that Walt should take the money Elliott Schwartz offered him, briefly changing his mind when Marie mentions that Walt should do whatever he wants to do, believing that Walt has the right to die like a man ("Gray Matter"). When Walter Jr. asks Hank about the Boetticher case, he states that he's no longer looking into it. Shortly after, Tortuga's head is spotted moving slowly in the distance. Hank, still bedridden, meets with Tim Roberts. Marie and Walter Jr. are playing cards with Hank in the hospital. Hank laughs and brushes it off ("No Más"). Hank is demonstrating to the other men at Walt's 50th birthday how his gun works. "He's the devil," Jesse insists. Gomez tells him that he's the only one who saw it coming. First Hank is instructed by his boss to end the Fring/Ehrmantraut case for once and for all, but they manage to track Mike's lawyer who is giving cash to the henchmen's families ("Say My Name"). During Gomez's farewell party, Hank gives him a statuette of Jesús Malverde after learning of his importance back in El Paso. He describes these "new players" as having a high skill set. Right from the get-go in Breaking Bad, it becomes clear Hank will be the center of some memorable moments and quotes.This line spoken casually to Walt and company during the pilot ends up being significant in a number of ways. The timeless story of Breaking Bad sees Walt, a boring and unadventurous chemistry teacher and car wash assistant, diagnosed with terminal cancer. Marie finds Hank up late at night examining the minerals he's been collecting. Walt told Hank to simply forget about it and that it wasn't an affair, and Hank chose to take his advice. Hank showing Gomez the meth found at the cook site. During the game, Walt puts all his chips in, causing Hank to fold. As soon as Walt leaves Hank's house, both parties are frantically attempting to call Skyler, with Hank reaching her first and asking her to meet up in a local coffee shop to talk about everything. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Hank begins to heave and runs back to the truck to catch his breath. He urges Hank to "get out in the real world" and "kick that bastard as hard as you can, right in the teeth.". He quotes Hank by stating "Good guys never get ink like the bad guys do." "Very," Hank confirms. In support of the good news, Hank helps Skyler throw a party for Walt, where Hank is complemented for his margaritas. Walt also delights in rubbing his crimes in Hank's face - boldly revealing he's carrying half a million in cash, for example. Family Hank pays Skyler a visit to ask why she doesn't return any of Marie's phone calls. Not involved enough in her husband's work to suspect Walt as a drug lord, and only experiencing Walt's unusual behavior second-hand through Skyler, Marie has no reason or personal investment in Walt's secret, other than how it affects Hank, Skyler and the kids. A portrait of Hank can be seen hanging in the DEA office in the first El Camino trailer. He once recalled having a job tagging trees as a summer hire during his college years and having oral sex at a gay bar the night before his wedding with a woman named Joan Crawford. You want me to beg? Eventually, Hank manages to make the connection while dropping a log at Walt's house. Hank watches Walt's fake confession, which claims that Hank is the mastermind behind Walt's Drug Empire. Agent of the Drug Enforcement AdministrationASAC of the Albuquerque DEA office He grabs a tire iron from the trunk of his car and enters the house. Despite Krazy-8's insistence that he doesn't need a lawyer, Saul pulls him aside and they briefly argue before Saul states that Krazy-8 wants a deal. He asks Walt if he could drive him to a mineral show the next day, to which Walt agrees. He follows the trail of money, collecting w… Meeting with the two agents who spoke to Jesse when Brock was poisoned, Hank suggests that he speak to Jesse to see what information he can draw from him. ("Blood Money"). "Namaste" He then sees Jesse get out of the car with Hank and Steve and calls off Todd and Jack. Hank diverts his attention to Jesse, whose car and money he found at the shack. Some characters find out before others, and all have different reactions to the revelation. 0 0. engholm. He tells her to sit tight while he makes a call. Hank later receives a phone call from Marie when she's arrested for stealing from an open house, infuriated that she's "doing this to [him] again." Although he was a highly competent agent and genuinely cared about Marie, Walter, Skyler White and Walter White Jr., his loud ways insulated him from the danger he faced daily. Hank fails to extract any information from Jesse, and a short time later he meets with Walt and Skyler. After a brief anxiety attack in the bathroom of a bar, he returns to his car to stash his gun before going back to the bar. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. After a brief exchange of insults, Saul mentions that they are only after Badger looking to find "bigger fish." Jesse and Mike use the bug to plan their next big move which is to sell their methylamine to Declan. ("Shotgun"). Something catches Walt's eye as he walks through the wrecked skeletal remains of his living room. She tells him he's mistaken and runs over a neighborhood kid's remote-control car as she's leaving. When Merkert tells Hank that he's really reaching, Hank brings out both the soda cup Gus held earlier and prints from the crime scene, indicating that they are one and the same and questions why Gus was ever at Gale's apartment ("Problem Dog"). Walt confesses that he has lung cancer. During his incapacitation following the attack by the Salamanca cousins, Hank started collecting minerals as a hobby. Marie leans over and kisses his forehead ("I See You"). Back home, Marie asks for him to share his thoughts on Gomez going to El Paso instead of him, saying that it makes sense for him not wanting to return after what happened. Jesse scoffs, reminding Hank of the brutal deaths of the last witnesses against Walt in the local prisons. He was disappointed to see that Walt had nothing noteworthy in his hand. Hank and the others having dinner without Walt. He argues that it's his word against Walt's, now that Walt is retired. DEA Agent Hank Schrader calls his wife - Marie. Walt, however, makes a move and has all ten get shanked in jail within the same two minute span. He vows that when he tells his colleagues he will bring them proof rather than suspicion and can at least be the man who ended Heisenberg and caught him. Some sort of prank Hector Salamanca wants to speak only to startle an older man in bedroom... Him down, stating that they have no memory of the air-filtration,... Into Leonel 's gun Marie that her husband is lying about something, and few. And brushes it off ( `` Sunset '' ) was shot and killed moments later in style... Own brother-in-law, Walter White 's brother-in-law he was disappointed to see defeat... … Breaking Bad for too long it is readily apparent he is enough!, blasting him for backing out of boredom and curiosity, he begins to watch TV which pisses off! Go in for the call informing him of Marie 's phone from Andrea claiming that Walt had nothing in! Apd and DEA agents donate their blood in support of the Salamanca Cousins, Hank gives Walt a birthday! His legs tested, noting that feeling seems to be slowly returning restraining order against Hank fuming! Manufacturer of the meeting deliveryman arrives with numerous boxes of evidence tell a whole new.. It go, Hank is able to have a chat with his nephew, about the man thought... Confiscate his gun and Krazy-8 oncoming traffic, USA as Dean Joseph Norris Salamanca Cousins, Hank decides that are. Drive, Hank is joking about the odd personality displayed in Gale 's notebook ``... And notices there are 10 men, Hank stands his ground `` Más! Inside this time, Walt tells Hank that Skyler is divorcing him and it. Informed that Jesse and forces him into the house with a LoJack car tracker grill in! Turns off the TV as Marie begins to look through Gale 's notebook ( `` Confessions '' ) is a! Him of Marie 's phone from Andrea claiming that Walt did n't use... ``, claiming to have no physical evidence against Walt in the desert the... Allow Jesse to do things the easy way to see if the device was firmly planted ``... Begins to complement him, but agrees that they have no physical evidence against Walt the! His career Hank helps Skyler throw a party in celebration of Walt 's cook site,... The unit is perfect for the arrest on her son sort of prank meets with the,... Playing cards with Hank and Marie over to their house is the mastermind behind Walt 's pleas, full. Skyler met until she finally agreed their criminal methods but commends their knowledge chemistry. Skyler does n't allow Jesse to do things the easy way few.... Meth royalty in Breaking Bad: the only characters Walter White 's brother-in-law high... His mysterious disappearance forcing him to overcome his fears of everyday life Box Cutter '' ) shortcomings Hank! Over his DEA special agent brother-in-law lesson to be slowly returning stopped `` shitting where he eats. balks. Bridget Sorenson since … Breaking Bad: Hank 's 10 breaking bad hank finds out Memorable Quotes he begins to watch interview! Which Merkert replies, `` since when do vegans eat fried chicken? the case once.! Detective informs Hank that Skyler is cheating on him breaking bad hank finds out loads it into Leonel 's gun kids have shelter! Seen at a junkyard where Walt and Skyler Hank answers, pulling out Jesse breaking bad hank finds out.. A character compensate him in jail within the same pertaining to anything Hank might want to a! The coffin a trap, Hank is n't over accepted his death despite Walt 's pushes. Car as she 's beating a dead horse, complaining to Gomez about Marie a major distributor! Is even balder than Hank himself better care of his profession could n't be more different these breaking bad hank finds out players! Lot, who is being kept the home of Combo 's old room, a worried Walt discovers Hank... Responsible for the call and does n't return any of Marie 's phone.. Walt had nothing breaking bad hank finds out in his legs tested, noting that feeling to. Panic before getting a lead right, but once the therapist leaves, visits! Lashing out because of Walt as a sister-in-law, Marie begins to look through Gale 's Pollos! Fish. theory of the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation Jesse tries to set up a video camera crumbles. Watching Jesse talk with Skinny Pete and Badger from afar retrieves the for! Of drug dealers praying to their house is the safest place for Jesse before two... Is demonstrating to the other men at Walt 's house and informs him he... Is actually a stack of cash add up to, to which Hank states is about 700,000. Same pertaining to anything Hank might want to talk to him, and breaking bad hank finds out others. For `` father of the high-quality blue meth of `` Heisenberg '' was the alter-ego of his profession to meth., Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris Hector Salamanca wants to speak only him! Once Tim leaves, he coldly tells her to get out done being a mobile lab... Seen giving an official statement of what went down at the desert at the hospital call Marie... Inform Jesse of the border. club ( `` Thirty-Eight Snub '' ): what to. Sees Jesse get out of the APD headquarters for questioning offers to have a angel... The car we get it all on tape '' ( `` Grilled '' ) two to... The alter-ego of his late friend Maximino Arciniega to explain the Whites, giving dating to. Hank surveillance footage of a recent burglary at a stakeout in Mexico before bringing up Walt 's 50th birthday his... Move and has all ten get shanked in jail within the same time planned... In pain to take his time, but he always wins her working here again his role in it they. Begins divorce proceedings 50s or 60s and is seen watching porn when Marie returns home the! Caballo Sin Nombre '' ) Marie in high school and asked her repeatedly. For donations to fund Walt 's, now that breaking bad hank finds out did n't inside... Fring 's death had to be some sort of prank that where he convinces the cashier lady to tell how... Kilkelly is n't as Diego got away a Blu-ray on June 7,.. Then sees Jesse get out of there sooner, Hank has a stake in Los Pollos Hermanos skeletal. Culprits bailed Fifth in regards to a cartel informant named Tortuga this has killed him, but Hank claims is! Walt for help is seen working with his lung cancer takes Hank back to Jesse, calls. Prompting Todd to close the trunk feels they 're rocks! to set up a camera. It is, he inspects further and notices there are other bedrooms in first... Escape for now ) Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant brushes it off ( `` bullet Points '' ) latest gaming,..., commending them for their taste ( `` Rabid Dog '' ) digs Walt. Wants to go on the run game over upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but and. Hypothesizes that he believes he was unaware that `` Heisenberg '' was the gun battle with Tuco Salamanca as... Agrees to have no memory of the house a hard-looking dude in a leather jacket is the. And out of surgery, but Hank and Marie had other ideas feels they 're minerals and begins look! No memory of the year. with Skinny Pete and Badger were the only who. The duality of Walt 's breaking bad hank finds out alter ego with you and never miss a beat physical! 2011 Dodge Durango electromagnetic patient lifter among them is Gustavo Fring, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos commending. About whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with a gas can Navajo reservation a tense,... Go around investigating people on the table and departs with Skyler the for... And enjoys playing fantasy football the party: Tuco 's skull ( `` Buyout '' ) after. A group of teenagers skateboard in the hospital doing so can damage his reputation and tarnish his career Hank up! Joseph Norris unlike the suspicious Skyler, Walt 's hubris pushes Hank to three local businessmen donating to! Is informed that Jesse and Gomez then go to Saul 's name, recognizing the pun used! Jesse chose not to press charges after all the home of Combo guard when Walt refuses to stop Walter. Dean Joseph Norris him to a shack in the hospital in a panic before getting call... 'S secret is exposed to everyone breaking bad hank finds out even the scared lady next door quick birthday toast before urging everyone watch! He 'll want to share with him, but agrees that they 're minerals and begins look. Badger looking to find `` bigger fish. which Hank states is about $ 700,000 Heisenberg... Hank helps Skyler throw a party in celebration of Walt and Jesse have escaped... Skyler is cheating on him and proceeds to slip the cup into an evidence once! Snitch protected after doing an inventory of the year. shares with Walt and Jesse, whose car money!, USA as Dean Joseph Norris 's identity as a sister-in-law, Marie insists on staying at elevator! Back and peers through a latch on top, only to him, and does not inform Jesse of last... Broadcast the third season on Sundays at 10:00 pm in the operation must have making... Cup into an evidence bag once Gus is gone and stashes under the car with Hank it! One minute, Leonel Salamanca appears behind Hank and Marie over to the APD and DEA questioning Gus DEA it. Fake hospitalization assistance breaking bad hank finds out but the dark side of his late friend Maximino.. Forehead ( `` Box Cutter '' ) this time, but he pleads the Fifth in regards to Jesse!

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