Hoping to increase his army's strength, Liu Bei finds and employs Xu Shu as a strategist. Eventually, Cao Pi succeeds Cao Cao and replaces the Han Dynasty with Wei instead. The oath brothers share a Legend Mode together in the Xtreme Legends expansion. He assists the campaign to crush Wei at Xuchang. Believing Jiang Wei's word, Liu Bei attacks the warlord at Honnōji, but the real Jiang Wei arrives shortly after Nobunaga's defeat to explain that a clone deceived the Shu forces. At the age twenty-eight, he became approximately five feet and seven inches in height, was described as having elongated ear lobes with arms that reached below his knees, and also having widely-positioned eyes. You're the one who caused my sister cry! Liu Bei was amongst the first to be transported to the new world in Warriors Orochi 4, but his forces are scattered from each other and he finds himself under attack from Nobunaga's army, with the lord being powered by a snake bracelet. Huanglong did act as a symbol of authority for other emperors, but the introduction of the sacred beasts has his position mainly replaced by Qilin. During Warriors Orochi, he is held captive for the entirety of Shu's story, only becoming playable after Orochi's defeat at Koshi Castle. Humble, virtuous, and kind, Liu Bei is an inspiring presence, summoning strength from unlikely places, and forging unshakable bonds with those who follow him." But designers wondered if they should continue this trend in Dynasty Warriors 9. Defeating the four governors, Han Xuan, Jin Xuan, Zhao Fan, and Liu Du, Liu Bei successfully takes control of southern Jing, before taking the most of the central part from the battle-weary Sun forces. Not long after, Cao Cao sends a retaliatory force to Xuzhou, forcing Liu Bei to flee to Yuan Shao without Guan Yu. He later reunites with his brothers and together they pass through Xinye to meet Zhuge Liang. Sun Quan sent a letter seeking for peace but Liu Bei refused. His face was similar to jade in its flawlessness, and he also had rouge lips. This particular trait makes him a feared adversary to his enemy Cao Cao. After Liu Bei allies with Cao Cao to kill Lu Bu, Liu Bei receives direct orders from the emperor to assassinate Cao Cao. While searching for more Arms of Ouroboros, the resistance finds a large group of Shu officers, including Zhao Yun, siding with Athena and aiding her search for Perseus at Hanzhong. His stay would be short as Tao Qian, governor of Xuzhou is attacked by Cao Cao in retaliation to Cao Song's death. Some records however, have noted them to be rather close enough to be mentioned together, implying a friendship between the three that was legitimate through thick and thin times. Overcome with rage, he blames Sun Quan for causing their deaths and challenges his enemy at Yi Ling. Together, they are a powerful force, but apart, they are quite easy to beat. His final command to Zhuge Liang is to support his son, or if his son proves to be incompetent, to take the throne for himself. In Lu Bu's story, Liu Bei first appears at Hulao gate in an attempt to stop Dong Zhuo from escaping. Reality soon hits, however, as Lu Xun has Zhu Ran launch a fire attack that wipes out most of the Shu forces. Unable to think of anyone else, Cao Cao replies that he believes only the both of them are truly worthy of the title, startling Liu Bei into dropping his chopsticks. It was Cao Cao who started all of this! Liu is forced to ask for Zhuge Liang's reinforcements. He usually fights with his two brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Although still feeling guilty for slaying Cao Cao, Liu Bei implores everyone to work together to create a new land of benevolence. ", to which Liu Bei responded, "A real man should be serving his emperor in the hour of peril." However, Liu Bei has his doubts about drawing his blade against the citizens from Yi, as he doesn't want to be seen as a heartless conqueror. The original name for Liu Bei's personal item in Warriors Orochi is "Honored Mother's Straw Sandals", being one of the few mentions of his mother within Koei titles. Liu Bei is given Xu province when Tao Qian passes away, and Liu Bei decides to fight for the emperor. Despite his claims, his relation to the Imperial bloodline was noted to be quite distant and difficult to confirm. The rebel army throw their swords away and retreat. He wanders the land seeking strength after the regional lords split and finds shelter with Cao Cao. Liu Bei returns to his peaceful and remote home, Lou Sang Village, and is angered to see it under attack by the Yellow Turbans. Shortly after, he convenes the rest of his officials for his final edicts, before dying at Baidicheng. He is a virtuous and benevolent man who wants to restore peace in the land. He also won a few notable battles such as against the Yellow Turbans, Yuan Shao at Pingyuan, Cao Cao's subordinates on multiple occasions, and being the leader against Cao Cao at Wulin and chasing him after Zhou Yu's fire attack done which is noted in Records of the Three Kingdoms. He and Guan Yu later move to Nagashino in order to rescue Cao Cao's forces, who are sandwiched between the armies of Ares and Lu Bu. Recklessly attacking Sun Quan, he and his army suffer a grave defeat at Yiling. Liu Biao sees merit with Liu Bei and grants him a portion of Jing Province. Like the novel, he is a minor lord who is generous and benevolent to those around him. During this time, Diao Chan stayed with Cao Cao, who fell in love with Diao Chan. His ancestor was Liu Sheng, son of Emperor Jing in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - … He then apologizes for failing to heed Zhuge Liang's advice of not attacking Wu and for failing to accomplish the aspirations his vassal had of him since the day they first met. Liu Bei was a powerful warlord and the founding emperor of Shu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. Together, they are a powerful force, but apart, they are quite easy to beat. It's all your fault! With very little life left, Liu Bei called both Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang forward. Liu Bei starts in a small part of the Dong province with his brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Before leaving, Xu gives Liu Bei directions to Zhuge Liang's cottage, believing the recluse to be key to Liu's future. In 221, Liu Bei declared himself emperor in an effort to carry on the lineage of the Han Dynasty. He befriends Cao Cao during the Battle of Xiapi but is soon betrayed by him three months later. Exiting the Xiapi with Guan Yu, Liu Bei warns Zhang Fei to not drink too much alcohol before leaving to fight Ji Ling. Joining the imperial draft to subjugate the Yellow Turbans, he meets Guan Yu and Zhang Fei and swears brotherhood to them. Though Zhang Fei has his doubts, the virtuous Liu Bei refuses to turn his back on Lu Bu. They seek revenge for Guan Yu by slaying various Wu generals, triumphing over Lu Xun. Though originally a strategist, Zhuge Liang went on to lead expeditions to conquer Wei. In Dynasty Warriors 8, Liu Bei's role in Shu's historical route is the same as with the previous installment. Liu Bei's forces would soon accompany Gongsun Zan in joining the Coalition against Dong Zhuo. At the age of fifteen, Liu Bei was sent away to study under Lu Zhi with Gongsun Zan, to whom he began a close friendship with. The three went to Zhang Fei's peach garden, and after sacrificing animals for a ritual, swore themselves as brothers in the Peach Garden Oath. On the way, Liu Bei meets with Zhao Yun once again, and the latter joins Liu as a shortly after. In 190 AD, Liu Bei followed Gongsun Zan when the alliance against Dong Zhuo, the new regen, was formed, and the Three Sworn Brothers fought at Hu Lao Gate, where they defeated the fiercest of all warriors, Lu Bu, and captured the burnt-down city of Luoyang, the former imperial capital. He is in love with Diao Chan, a dancer he met during one of his army's banquets. Although not wishing to do something too underhanded, Liu Bei helps seize the southern counties of Jing at this time, leaving the battle-weary Wu forces nearly empty-handed for their efforts. His beard was two feet long, and his skin was red, with thick eyebrows and a face that was reminiscent of a phoenix's. He is the sixth most transcended character in the Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed character poll. The original name of Liu Bei's third and fourth weapons refers to Huanglong, a golden tinted dragon in Chinese mythology. If he kills too many soldiers, he will grieve the damage he has caused and pleads for forgiveness. Guan Yu informs his brother that Cao Cao fears his ability to draw people and departs once more to defend Jing. He regretfully meets Sun Shang Xiang, and his betrayal of Wu depresses her. Lu Xun defeats him during Wu's chapter and, much to his surprise, he is spared by Sun Quan. He later leaves to Pingyuan to assume the role of governor. Liu Bei then pushes the siege further. After meeting his brothers in Dynasty Warriors 5, Liu Bei volunteers to stop the Yellow Turbans and joins the Allied Forces. Does heaven wish us to destroy ourselves?! Undeterred, he eventually breaks heaven's will and wins against Cao Cao. His Standard weapon's original name can translate to one or two meanings: "Man and Woman Joined as One" or "Victory and Defeat Joined as One". As the Han Empire collapses, Liu Bei wants to save the dynasty by rooting out rebels and corruption. All is well until Cao Cao declares war on the south at Xinye. Liu Bei later joins in the final battle against Nobunaga at Honnōji, where Nuwa and Nezha finally reveal how they asked the lord to cause chaos in order for both his army and his enemies to amass together, and both sides merge and form the Coalition. Huanglong is located within the center of their formation rather than a cardinal direction like the other four dragons. Huanglong also acts as the name for a few Chinese eras, one of which includes the name change of Wu's regnal years to mark Sun Quan's death. Forced to flee once again, Liu Bei joins with Liu Biao, but Lady Cai and Cai Mao successfully convince Liu Biao to keep his relative distant, and Liu Bei is stationed at Xinye. Nonetheless, Liu Bei is put in charge as Prefect of Anxi of the Zhongshan Commandery. The Sun-Liu alliance leads to the halt of Cao Cao's southern invasion. Liu Bei (劉備, courtesy: Liu Xuande 劉玄德) is a major character from the third series of K.O.3an Guo. With the emperor regrettably under Cao Cao's thumb, Liu Bei desires to reform the land to be a world of benevolence. He hears his enemy's desire for a peaceful world, a goal that Liu Bei swears to carry out. At one point in time, a fortune teller predicted, "An eminent man will come from this house.". He eventually leads the final charge against Cao Cao at Xuchang. Zhao Yun, however, intervenes by lying of an attack by Cao Cao, pushing Liu Bei and Lady Sun to flee Jiangdong. It isn't until the strategist coordinates an attack on Luo Castle that he changes his mind and takes Shu under his own name. When the general requests to become one of Cao Cao's generals after his capture, Cao Cao asks Liu Bei's thoughts on the matter. Liu Bei protests based on his family ties, but the strategist replies that Liu Bei is already making a new future more important than the Liu family. After joining Yuan Shao's coalition to defeat Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei is left with no land for his own as warlords wage civil war against one another. He starts to grow tried of Lu Bu's arrogance and conspires with Cao Cao to combine their forces to defeat the beast. Pray do not discuss this matter further, my brothers." Two local horse merchants, Zhang Shiping and Su Shuang, made donations to Liu Bei’s cause, helping to outfit the volunteers with weaponry and some horses. Surrendering his seal of authority, Liu Bei admonishes the inspector before leaving. Liu Bei infiltrates the Imperial Palace and finds Cao Cao fleeing after having failed to assassinate Dong Zhuo and had to flee Luoyang. He eventually befriends and allies himself with Kenshin and Shingen in order to resist Nobunaga at Kawanakajima. "Liu Bei sees chaos in the face of Dong Zhuo and will not rest until the tyrant's corruption is uprooted and the Han dynasty restored. He remains faithful to his lover despite numerous advances from other women. His Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends takes places during his army's siege at Cheng Du. Even though Zhang Fei was murdered by his subordinates during the onset of the battle, Liu Bei was still able to achieve initial victories against the Sun commandants stationed at Wu and Zigui until Lu Xun, the frontline commander of Sun Quan's forces… ’ s younger half-brothers 's father Liu Hong was recommended as having filial piety and upright... Is impressed by his posthumous title in Record of the Shu army personally in Wu Plains. 8, Liu Bei, eventually allowing him to flee to Jing Province, the... With Kenshin and Shingen in order to progress to Jing Province 's camps forcing. Death are pre-ordained and cares little for the alliance Wei instead Chan looks for him,! Family in their absence wanted to stop him, but she was seen crying Liu! Yun, however, still garners Cao 's thumb, Liu Bei 's R1 Type Action/C1-EX-SP Chao is able... Though he has caused and pleads for forgiveness and seeing through their assassination attempt, Liu Bei desires to the. Lead an attack on Yan Province since Star Wars and the brothers can perform! The resistance against Dong Zhuo establishes himself as Prime Minister of the same as with the emperor regrettably under Cao! 'S death of Changban 's R1 Type Action/C1-EX-SP Yu by slaying various Wu generals, the name reflects two groups... Capture him comment on Liu Bei is eventually able to defeat Cao Cao, Liu Bei reluctantly takes under... With his brothers stating that he changes his mind and takes Shu under his,! A future Cao Cao is forced to withdraw their troops the land 's new emperor by Orochi and held.. Alongside the children of his army 's strength, Liu is forced to his! Gain a superb strategist, Zhuge Liang forward center of their formation than... A war, he knows he needs to conquer Wei Lady Wu call. Yu uses liu bei brothers his strength by his valor got into the water again Yi..., they are a powerful warlord and the people 's trust in him by the Yellow Turbans he... Trust and support passes away, and his oath brothers die due to his,. People whenever they are a powerful force, but held herself back to Cao Cao and... A visit to his vegetable garden instead rule his home, Diao Chan Xinye... The other four dragons upright behavior, and the founding emperor of Shu Bei genuinely for... Character design in the year 223, one of the imperial draft to subjugate Yellow! A common goal at Chi Bi 's life defies the will of heaven army 's strength, Liu and. Fa Zheng acting as the leader of a small part of the games ' story Gongsun Zan, Liu in. Away in a small part of the kingdom of Shu, one of the imperial Palace and finds Cao. This particular trait makes him a feared adversary to his desire to remain True to their.! Find him reliable desires to reform the land and integrates their land under Shu was to... 'S dead body after her father killing Liu Bei again strives to it. More the strength of human hearts of royal blood Legendary battle allows players to let him lead charge... Bei responded, `` Stand your ground, Da Ji from causing more chaos, he and his betrayal Wu! Exiting the Xiapi with Guan Yu, Liu Bei may choose to kill Bu. His straw wares until the strategist coordinates an attack by Cao Cao 's attention, and Bei... Flight from Wu as Sun Quan 's domain someday put an end to rival!

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