Sort by. This is one of the best health benefits of maple syrup. Advantages of Real Maple Syrup. That means eating too much of it will cause swings in your blood sugar and insulin. Add a delicious, sticky element to sweet and savoury recipes. Buy Now. These bacteria have benefits to digestion tract and help the defecation process inside large intestine. While it is usually stocked in most supermarkets, you may need to seek out maple syrup substitutes for other reasons. Probiotic is common term which used to certain types of food that can increase the growth of good bacteria in the gut. For example, 45g of plain rolled oats would provide you with 166% RDI of manganese (roughly the same as 100g maple syrup) and contains no sugar. I can rely on meridian for some great organic products. Unlike processed honey, raw honey does not get robbed of its incredible nutritional value. Pure maple syrup is not to be confused with "breakfast syrups" or "pancake syrups" like Aunt Jemima, or basically anything you get at diners and fast food restaurants. 5 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup. Only problem is that I get through the bottle too quickly!! Maple syrup includes essential nutrients, according to the USDA, such as: Calcium. Between the two, maple syrup is healthier -- it has less overall sugar, and more importantly, less fructose. One nutritional advantage that honey has over maple syrup is that honey has no fat. Calcium is essential for bone health. Following are top typical benefits of maple syrup which you may not know: 1. In moderation, you can consume maple syrup and still reap the health benefits. Maple syrup is a sugar, with no fiber attached to it. Promote healthy digestion. Drizzle maple syrup over pancakes and French toast or use it for roasting vegetables and glazing meats. Showing 1-3 of 3 items. It is considered to be an " added sugar " in your diet. Pancakes with maple syrup make a delicious morning breakfast, but did you know that maple syrup is actually packed with health benefits? The maple syrup arrived quickly and was good value compared to others I have seen in the shops. Raw honey is a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Maple syrup benefits is consider as great delivering factor of probiotic. Read more. Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) is a rare but serious inherited condition. This is beneficial in preventing various diseases like heart illnesses, an inflammatory bowel condition, and arthritis. 5 people found this helpful. That and a deep desire to save money. Deliciously sweet maple flavour (as you'd expect! A diet high in fructose is detrimental to heart and liver health. 1. Buy Now. The polyphenol antioxidants in the maple syrup is a great part for the healthy diet. Prevent anemia. And from a taste perspective, it possesses a rich and complex flavor that other sweeteners can’t touch. Normally, our bodies break down protein foods such as meat and fish into amino acids. Although both maple syrup and refined sugar contain about the same amount of sucrose, refined sugar has none of the added benefits that maple syrup does. Real maple syrup comes from sugar found in sugar maple trees. Even though real maple syrup may be healthier than fake maple syrup, you should still limit your portion size to avoid excess sugar and calorie intake. 1; Back to top. 8. Report abuse. Is maple syrup or honey healthier? As mentioned before, maple syrup has a huge amount of antioxidants. Also, free radicals may do harm to mitochondria which … If you’re looking at the glycemic index, maple syrup is also lower than honey with maple syrup having an index of 54 and honey having an index of 58. Helps in fighting inflammatory conditions. To learn more about paying attention to glycemic index in foods, read here. cati. Antioxidants. Whether fructose, glucose or sucrose, from agave, maple syrup or honey… sugar is sugar! Agave Nectar (also called Agave Syrup) is minimally processed using low temperatures and has a low … Yes, there is a high amount of sugar in maple syrup. It's … This Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Maple Syrup tastes just like maple syrup, except it’s sugar free, low carb, and only 2 calories per tablespoon! There are many maple syrup health benefits when we replace refined sugar with quality maple syrup. Maple syrup has the same calcium concentration as milk. Maple syrup can be a healthy choice as a sweetener because of the nutritional benefits that come with the calories- vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and compounds that may help insulin sensitivity. Low Glycemic Sweetener. Helpful. Maple syrup is not the healthiest food in the world but it is a good alternative to refined sugar for those of you with a sweet tooth. Sort and filter. These are the best maple syrups from five states in America’s Northeast. ), have used for smoothies, in baking etc and working a treat. Health Benefits of Maple Syrup. This allows your body to use it more efficiently for energy, rather than giving you a rapid rush and crash. When compared to other sources of sugar, the vitamin and mineral content of maple syrup is undoubtedly impressive; however, there are far healthier low-sugar sources of these vitamins and minerals. For example, raw honey contains bee pollen, … Real, preferably raw honey makes a great maple syrup substitute because it also contains some nutrients and enzymes. Since maple syrup is 66% sugar (at least), we really can’t say that it’s “healthy” to consume in large quantities. Stick to your nutritional plan, and enjoy knowing the extra health benefits you get with this all-natural sweetener. Agave Nectar Syrup (Honey Water) 660g | Healthier Maple Syrup Sugar Alternative. Since fructose has a negative effect on heart health, maple syrup is healthier in this department. Pure maple syrup (the kind tapped from a tree) is an even better option, because it undergoes less processing than refined sugars. I’m the kind … If you want the health benefits of pure maple syrup, you must read labels and ignore the syrup with sugar added. So, let's check out five positive health impacts of maple syrup. Known in Mexico as aguamiel, or "honey water", Agave Nectar was considered a gift from the gods by the ancient Aztecs, and today is considered nature's perfect sweetener by many.

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